So I’ve been pretty annoyed with etsy for the past few month. For those who don’t know, etsy will periodically run tests on various parts of the site. When they do, a select number of buyers and sellers become part of the test group without prior notification. During the test, the people in the test group see an entirely different version of the site than most etsy visitors. They also run multiple tests simultaneously, which means there’s several test groups seeing entirely different versions of the site at the same time.

My shop has been a part of a test group for the past 3 months and it feels like they’ve been testing a new page layout every few weeks. So what that means to me is, every time they change the layout I have to re-figure out where the hell everything is. And as a shop owner, that’s really frustrating! Today, they changed the layout once again and I’ve decided to shut down my etsy shop.

You can get 40% Off all orders with code: MOVINGOUT from my etsy shop. The sale is going until every last item has sold.

You can still shop from my bigcartel shop or my storenvy.